Should I Play Super Smash Bros. Online?

Should I play Super Smash Bros Online?

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So with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate being one of or the fastest selling fighting game of all time through the first week of release its safe to say that many persons own a copy of these games. If you have not then you are probably wondering about the online play and asking yourself should I play super smash bros online or even at all. First of all before I go into this article Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch celebrates the fact that everyone is back, meaning everyone from all the other Smash games is back with some new fighters and even fighters who have yet to be released as at the date of this article.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

So as mentioned earlier the motto for the fifth installment in the Super Smash Bros. series is every one is here, with a total of 76 characters if you count the Mii fighters and Pokemon trainer as three and 5 more to come that we know of. Initial concerns was that this game was a port of the previous version for the WiiU, however the game has proven to be very different and it was confirmed that an entirely new engine was created from scratch for this game. The only constant is that the team that made Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS was the same a first in any Super Smash Bros. game. That being said the creator of smash is always heavily involved in these Smash games and has led the charge of every Smash game from the N64 version.

This game has brought in mechanics from each and every previous smash game ans not just characters. Each previous Smash game had its own following and although many fans played almost every Smash game, most competitive players played one version at most 2 versions. That if you would rarely find some winning a tournament in Smash 64 and Smash Melee or any combination of Smash, mainly because each had different mechanics that different sets of people preferred than any other version.

That being said this Smash commingle these mechanics to the point where professional players from all different Smashes are actually coming together to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitively. This is a great sign that the Smash community is alive and well and only growing, having any doubts about these game, then this should be a positive sign.

Nintendo Switch’s Online

Nintendo Switch’s online although not as in depth as PS4’s or X Box’s is actually pretty solid and at a very reasonable price. The main draw back being the fact that you have to use a telephone app to experience voice chat.

However, the price is $19.99 for a year whereas PS4 and X Box is $49.99 yearly. With this you can also get a family plan for$34.99 which is still less than PS4’s and X Box, which can be shared to up to 8 Nintendo Switch.

The features you get with Nintendo Switch online are as follows:

  • Online game play
  • NES – Nintendo Switch Online
  • Nintendo Switch Online app
  • Save Data Cloud
  • Special Offers

Considering all save data for all games are saved onto you Switch, then have a back up cloud save for if in case you switch gets destroyed is very important.

How does Smash Play Online

Smash using Peer to Peer networks to connect online as opposed to dedicated servers, firstly let us look at the pros and cons of peer to peer networks

Pros of Peer to Peer

  • No need for a network operating system
  • Does not need an expensive server
  • If one computer fails it will not disrupt any other part of the network.

Cons of Peer to Peer

  • Because each computer might be being accessed by others it can slow down the performance for the user

Secondly let us look at pros and cons of dedicated servers

Pros of dedicated servers

  • Enhanced performance

Cons of dedicated servers

  • Cost
  • Usability

So what this information is saying is the Nintendo has the ability to not charge a high amount due to peer to peer networks, however performance is determined by the person with the slowest internet connection. This however should not be a major issues as most persons have high speed internet, especially those playing video games online.


So we go into the pros of Super Smash Bros online, and these include that there is a big community that does not look like it will die out anytime soon. An online game is only as good as how many persons that actually appear online to play. The performance of the online play is considerably better than any other Smash game preceding this one. Online platform has many features and rankings and can therefore be fun and enjoyable.

Secondly the community is filed with some very skilled persons, that being said they are also persons with an average skill set, therefore where ever you stand you can get persons to play with to enjoy this game. Two persons can join together on one switch and play online against opponents.


The main concern being that if you come into contact with a person with a bad connection then the entire game play experience becomes less enjoyable, luckily this does not happen often.

My Experience

My experience has been fun as I have for the most part challenged a few persons, I love the multiplayer aspect of the Super Smash Bros. series and although the story mode in Super Smash bros ultimate is probably the best, the multiplayer always catches my eye, the improved visuals and mechanics in this game are great to me and online runs smooth and to me does not have significant issues that would diminish the game play experience.

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