On this Day the Gaming Industry September 17

On this day in the Gaming Industry

On this Day in the Gaming Industry September 17

  • On this Day September 17, 2019 – Valve lost a lawsuit in France, requiring the company to allow users to resell games on Steam, this was required by Directives from the European Union.

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A case which seem to have started from 2015 come to somewhat of a conclusion on September 17, 2019 when Valve lost, although appeals are still in process. Valve in 2015 was sued by the French Consumer Association for banning persons from reselling games on Steam. Indicating that it is not a subscription service, but as we know games are bought in perpetuity, although Valve thought what they provided was a subscription service, the ruling shows that they were the only ones who thought this. Her is what the steam policy said at the time which was deemed anti consumer.

    1. Steam’s Subscriber Agreement explicitly forbids users to sell their games, despite the transfer of ownership of digital products/licenses being legal.
    2. Valve declines responsibility in the event that users’ personal information is stolen.
    3. Valve claims ownership of the rights of any user-created content uploaded to Steam.
    4. It is impossible to get the money on your Steam Wallet back if your account is closed/deleted/banned.
    5. Valve applies Luxembourg’s consumer law regardless of the user’s country

As we know it was a court case in Australia which pushed valve to implement a refund policy, so lets see where this goes.

Penalty of the case: Valve have one month to comply” with the request to remove the now-illegal clauses from their store policy, and post the full court judgement on their store for three months. However, the penalty if they refuse is a mere 3,000 Euros a day for up to six months, Which is a meger half million Euro, not much it seems, for a company of this size.

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I would say brilliant day for consumers not so much for Valve, thoughts?

Also, I did a google search and saw that you can sell your Steam Keys, and came across gamefilp.


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