on this day in gaming september 14

On this Day the Gaming Industry September 14

On this day in the Gaming Industry

On this Day in the Gaming Industry September 14

  • On this Day September 14, 2001 – Nintendo released the GameCube and its launch title Luigi’s Mansion.



The Game Cube is Nintendo;s sixth generation console coming after the Nintendo 64. It used mini DVDs and had a very unique controller. This was first announced as project Dolphin before it officially became the Nintendo Game Cube.


    1. Graphics Processor – ATI Flipper (162MHz)
    2. CPU: 128-bit custom IBM Gekko PowerPC (485MHz)
    3. Width5.9 in, Depth6.3 in and Height4.3 in
    4. RAM: 24MB 1T-SRAM, 16MB DRAM
    5. Colors: 16.7 million on screen
    6. Polygons: 20 million per second
    7. Game Media: 1.5GB 8cm optical disk developed by Matsushita/Panasonic
    8. Resolution: 640×480 pixels (unofficial)
    9. Sound: 16-bit Macronix DSP Sound Processor (64 voices)

What you got?

    1. Came Cube Console
    2. Power Cable
    3. AV Cable
    4. One controller

Was it loved?

There were 22 million Game Cube sold and it place last in the console war of its generation, however it is very loved by fans and has a good following today with the price of the retro console sky rocketing.


I would say I good day for everyone, thoughts?

Other note worthy events

  • On this Day September 14, 2015 – Tatsumi Kimishima is appointed president of Nintendo after the death of Satoru Iwata in July 2015 and announced that Nintendo EAD and Nintendo SPD was merged, forming Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development.

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  • On this Day September 14, 2001 – Video gaming magazine Nintendomagasinet is cancelled after four years. Number 9 of 1994 would have been released on this day, but instead the magazine joins Super Power.

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