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On this Day August 1

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On this Day August 1

  • On this Day August 1, 2006 – Super Monkey Ball Adventure was released for the Nintendo Game Cube in North America. This also released in the PAL regions on July 14, 2006.

super monkey ball adventure gcn

Publisher: Sega

Genre: Platform

Description: AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, and GonGon are barbecuing bananas on Jungle Island when, all of a sudden, the alarm bells of the Tree Palace sound. King Junjun of Jungle Island tells them the sorrow and naysayers that have spread throughout the five kingdoms, brought on by Prince AbeABE of Monkitropolis and Princess Dee-Dee of Kongri-la’s visit to the island.

  • On this Day August 1, 2001 – Golden Sun was released for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. This subsequently released on the Nintendo DS.

golden sun

Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: Role-playing game

Description: The player guides a cast of characters as they journey through a fantasy-themed world, interact with other characters, battle monsters, acquire increasingly powerful magic spells and equipment, and take part in a building, predefined narrative

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