Old Video Game Consoles – Nintendo Version

Old Video Game Consoles – Nintendo Version

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I have written quite a few articles about the Nintendo Switch but Nintendo 6 consoles preceding this, and 4 handheld one of which is still currently being manufactured the Nintendo 3ds. This does not include midlife updates to these handhelds or attachment to the consoles. We may refer to these as old video game consoles, but to some these are classics and there is an active market for these.

List of Nintendo’s Consoles

  1. Nintendo Entertainment System (“Famicom” in Japan)
  2. Super Nintendo Entertainment System (“Super Famicom” in Japan)
  3. Nintendo 64
  4. Nintendo Gamecube
  5. Nintendo Wii
  6. Nintendo WiiU

In the list above the Nintendo Wii was the highest selling Nintendo System ever at 100 million units being sold worldwide. The Wii crave took the world by storm and games like Wii sport and Wii fitness make the system very popular. The system used mainly motion controls for its game something another gaming giant had never done. This strategy appealed heavily to the casual gamer and this bolstered the sales. Other factors were its competitors the PS3 and X box 360 were very expensive especially upon release.

Out of all the existing gaming giants Nintendo has participated in more gaming generations than any other. Their first release was in competition with Atari while the second was SEGA, by the third Sony joined the battle and by the fourth Microsoft joined with SEGA tapping out and only providing software from then on.

List of Nintendo’s Handhelds

  1. Gameboy
  2. Gamboy Advance
  3. Nintendo DS
  4. Nintendo 3DS

How Nintendo Saved the Gaming Industry?

After the 2nd gaming generation the gaming industry nearly died as the game no one was buying video games due to the quality of games being released. These games did not appeal to many persons and for a period the games being released were really bad. Nintendo then released the NES or Famicom with some great games like Zelda and Mario and that was enough to capture gamer attention and save a dying industry which produced nothing of such quality for almost 2 to 3 years in the early 1980s.

How is Nintendo still around?

The Numbers has shown that Nintendo has not won every console war, the record shows that they have only won two that being that of the generation of Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Generation of the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo has actually come last in one of the console wars, that being the generation of the Nintendo WiiU. We are currently the 8the generation of consoles, the generation where the WiiU existed and has already been discontinued due its poor sales and replaced by the high selling Nintendo Switch.

So with Nintendo winning 2 out of the 6 generations it has participated in and placing last in one how have they still survived. Consistency is one word we can use, the numbers show that they have only come in last place once, meaning that have always released a system that appeals to enough persons to be profitable and appease the shareholders.

Another reason is Nintendo’s strategy, they appeal to both hardcore and casual gamer, thus widening they market base especially in the software departments. Nintendo has vowed to never sell a console at a loss. So whereas they may sell lest consoles in actuality per console they make more money as most other gaming hardware providers sell their console at a loss.

To put it simply, one of the main reasons they exist is their iconic games and intellectual property, from Mario, Metriod, Zelda, Star Fox, Donkey Kong, Kirby and even all the characters each game brings. We have Super Smah Bros. which brings together all these characters into one fighting game. Nintendo has maybe the best 1st party title currently and even in the past. Some may argue that currently they do not due to the ever expanding library of 1st party exclusives from the competition, but the power these names carry to date are still unrivaled.

How can we still play this Games?

Nintendo has usually released a virtual console every generation that being a platform where these old games can be accessed. Recently they have released classic versions of they old consoles, such as the NES classic and the SNES classic, with the N64 classic set to be released. Even other gaming giants are trying this strategy out as these classic games usually sell out very quickly.

My Experience

My first console was the N64, this was the system that made me fall in love with Super Smash Bros. and all the characters in it. Because of this I have played man Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Metriod, Donkey Kong and Star Fox games. I have played many other third party games and I even own some now on my Nintendo Switch, After that I owned a Nintendo Gamecube and then very long after a Nintendo Switch. I have had some wonderful times with these consoles and some cherished memories.


The takeaways from this are that Nintendo has been around for a very long time and they still find ways to surprise their fans and produce games of great quality. The name Nintendo is very Iconic and retro and appeals to all gamer, past, future and present.

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  1. Hello Gibran, thanks a lot for this in-depth article about Nintendo. Personally, I still like the old games, and its great that Nintendo is still strong. Great read!

    1. Thanks, Nintendo is definitely still going strong, Nintendo Switch Online also offers many retro games from the NES, SNES and remasters of gems from older consoles as well.

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