Nintendo Switch SD Card – What to buy?

Nintendo Switch SD Card – What to buy?

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As most of us may know the Nintendo Switch is a video game console which can by played both as a console, i.e. connected to the television or handheld i.e. just like our phones but bigger and better as it pertains to gaming. With a lot of transactions happening digitally these days, you may be thinking of getting a Nintendo Switch SD card. These cards are licensed by as marked by the Nintendo seal. However, in this article we will be going over why most times the Nintendo Switch SD card may not be the one to buy.

Nintendo Switch SD card

Is an SD Card Needed?

A micro SD card is recommended for the Nintendo Switch as the Switch itself only comes with 32 gigs of storage which can be easily used up with one or two top-notch games. Therefore, to be able to buy games digitally and play them on your Switch purchasing an SD card needed. What if you buy games physically and do not need storage space? In actuality, you may still need to expand your storage with an SD card depending on the games you buy. This is the case as some games purchased physically require you to download a portion of the game onto your Switch for it to be playable, there are also games which are exclusively digital. On another note game save data is saved directly into the Switch’s internal memory. So there are many reasons to get an SD card. Luckily SD cards are not to expensive and the prices are only falling as technology advances.

What type of SD Card do I need?

The debate earlier was whether a Nintendo Branded SD card should be purchased, however it is to be noted that all brands of SD cards works with the Switch. The Nintendo SD cards are just Nintendo branded and is not a proprietary form of storage media.

One of the most important this to not when buying an SD card is to ensure it has the appropriate write speeds and that you are spending the best bang for your buck.

SD cards bought for the switch should always be an ultra SD card, also when buying a card most times the Nintendo Switch branded ones are much more expensive, even twice the price, this is not indicative of quality the cheaper card works just as fine.

Other than this another thing to take note is to buy an SD with a brand name that you have heard of, although not spending too much money is important, if the deal is too good to be true, then this might be the case. A 128 gig SD retails for roughly $20. Any price hovering around this is reasonable. Please not there are scammers out there selling SD cards marked with a very high storage space for example 400 gigs but in actuality the storage space is very small sometimes below 8 gigs.

Lastly SD cards get more expensive per gigs they larger it is, but this only happens from the 128 gigs and up. This means that the cheapest per gig SD card currently is usually the 128 gig SD with all sizes below this being slightly cheaper but all sizes above being considerable more expensive. The sweet spot is usually the 128 gig. However, this should not deter you from purchasing the 256 gig or higher if that is what you prefer as it may be better to have one 256 gigs SD card that two 128 gigs SD cards and have to switch out SD cards, no pun intended.

Can I use multiple SD Cards?

The Nintendo Switch can indeed use multiple cards, but only one at a time. You can easily take one SD card out and put in another one that may have a game you want to play. It should be noted that once the Switch reads a memory card it is formatted for the Nintendo Switch and cannot be used for another other purposed unless formatted. This means that you should have SD cards designated for use for your Nintendo Switch.

Remember once games are purchased digitally they cannot be lost, games can be archived and re downloaded onto another SD card or even the same one. Formatting an SD card also means you can re download the game.

My Experience

Initially when I purchased the Nintendo Switch I did not purchase an SD card as I already had an old 64 gig SD card from an old phone I was no longer using. Although I purchase almost all of my games physically that 64 gigs went quickly, mainly because I purchased a game that had a part of it needing to be downloaded and another game which was exclusively digital, there was no physical option. Luckily I did not plan to purchase many more games at the time so the 64 gigs held for the time being. I also like to download demos and free games just to see what is out there and that requires storage as well and even if physical demos existed, I would not recommend it at all.


The takeaways from this are, all SD card brands work on the switch, the Nintendo brand ones is not a must, but these can be purchased if you prefer. An SD card is highly recommended if you own a Nintendo Switch. The best bang for your buck is usually the 128 gig SD card. Nintendo Switch games may also require you to download a portain of the game onto the console and that SD cards used on your Switch only work on the Switch unless formated.

Hope this article helps, look forward to everyone’s feedback

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