Nintendo Switch Price – Is it too much?

Nintendo Switch Price – Is it too much?

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The Nintendo Switch has been out for or should I say will be out for 2 years this coming March 3, 2019. The Nintendo Switch had a blistering start in terms of sales, especially in its first year. Although it is still selling like hot cakes the Switch did not have as solid a year in its second year as it did in its first. This third year line up seems great and some persons may be looking to buy a Nintendo Switch this year. So let’s have a look at the Nintendo Switch price and see if it is worth it.

What is the price

First off the Switch is region free, meaning no matter where it is purchase it will operate as normal, this differs from past consoles which were region locked. Therefore, someone who buys in the UK could not use the system if they brought it to the US. With this let us look at the prices is the different regions.

  • USA – 300 USD
  • UK – 265 GBP
  • Canada – 430 CAD
  • Japan – 30,700 YEN
  • Australia – 470 AUS

If this is to be converted into USD the prices of the Nintendo Switch prices would be as follows (exchange rates at January 9, 2019)

  • USA – $300
  • UK – $338
  • Canada – $325
  • Japan – $282
  • Australia – $337

So with this information we see that the Switch is at its cheapest in Japan, considering this is the headquarters of Nintendo this makes sense, However in all the other regions the United States comes first. Most of these regions have a tax on this and the rankings would be relatively the same if tax was incorporated.

How does the price compare to current consoles

Current systems such as the PS4 and the X box one are priced pretty similarly to the Nintendo Switch, deals can be found for cheaper however. The PS4 pro and the X box 1X are priced at much higher than the Nintendo Switch. This is because both the Sony PlayStation and X box one ere released over 5 year ago and consoles generally fall in price over their life. This means that these consoles upon release had a significantly higher price than the Nintendo Switch did on its release day.

How does the price compare to previous system

Nintendo’s previous console was the Nintendo WiiU which even at the end of its life in 2017 retailed very closely to the Nintendo Switch price on release day. Considering the Nintendo Switch boasts many more features and it is more powerful than its predecessor then it can be said that the price is not hefty.

What do you get that is different?

Compared to its competition (PS4 and X box 1) and its predecessor (Nintendo WiiU), the Nintendo Switch does a few things they cannot. Here is a list

  1. Hybrid system, meaning it is a handheld and a home console in one.
  2. Can also be played in table-top mode with wireless controller of your choosing (joycons or pro controller)
  3. Can seamlessly change between handheld and dock mode (console mode) whether hindering your game play sessions.
  4. Come right out of the box with 2 controllers as a pair of joycons can double up as two separate controllers.
  5. Has many exclusive titles (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Super Mario Odyssey to name a few.

For others the Switch may be satisfying other needs that may not be mentioned, but the big selling factor is the Switch’s ability to be played in both docked and handheld mode. The ability to play big name games, such as Doom or Wolfenstien on a handheld has massive appeal.

My take

My take is that the Nintendo Switch is a great system which brought me back into gaming and it worth every penny. It is very convenient and can be owned by both casual and hardcore gamers. I think it speaks to a wide audience and is not just tailored to a specific niche. The library of games it has also speaks to that notion that it caters to everyone and it does not force you and the owner to use it in a certain way. You own a Nintendo Switch, then use it how you like. As a console, that’s fine, as a handheld also fine. You prefer playing indie games or 2D side scrollers then perfect, or even hardcore triple A games you as also covered. The Nintendo Switch is so convenient, it got my wife to play Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild a type of game she would have never seen herself ever playing and to this day she still plays it and loves every minute of it.


Here are few takeaways from this article

  • I believe and evidence has shown the Nintendo Switch is not over priced
  • The Nintendo Switch Price when converted in cheapest in Japan and in second the U.S.
  • The Nintendo Switch has many features that make it worth the price, especially its handheld mode and docked mode options
  • The Switch can be used by any type of gamer and can even be used as a second console as it provides somethings other products do not.

Hope this article helps, look forward to everyone’s feedback

10 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Price – Is it too much?

  1. Thanks for this thorough look at the Nintendo Switch. I think the reason Nintendo has had such staying power in the face of the enhanced graphics of Playstation and X-box is their innovation in HOW their games are played. While some of the more popular 3rd party franchises may be lacking in the same quality as the other systems, it’s their flagship exclusive characters will always keep people coming back to play.

    1. You are so right Steve, I actually wrote an article about Nintendo and their staying power. Thanks so much man, glad you liked the article

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you Gibran. I have a Nintendo Switch myself and it is easily the console I play with the most. It’s good for hardcore gamers and casual party games alike, the features and functionalities are incredible, you can do so much with it! And the fact that you can just take it with you anywhere you like is also really good. I really enjoyed your post, keep up the good work!

    Have a wonderful week,


  3. it sounds like Nintendo Switch is a good idea, I will talk to my cousin because he is a gamer, and see what he thinks about Nintendo Switch.

  4. Nintendo has always made a quality product, so the Switch is no different and worth the money in my opinion. Old NES games are so popular that they had to create a mini NES console to satisfy fans (pick me!).

    I am excited to see Super Metroid coming to the console – hopefully soon. I would love to see Super Mario 64 updated for the Switch, but I guess I will have to make do with Super Mario Odyssey. Thank you for this review.

    1. Thanks Irma, Nintendo is so iconic, similar to you i cant wait for Metroid Prime. I also love Super Mario 64 back in the day and really don’t mind playing this games again on the Switch.

  5. Thanks for your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch pricing. I agree that the price is reasonable when comparing the other consoles out there. $300 isn’t so bad when you consider the other more expensive consoles. I guess it really depends on what exclusives people want to play. There are a lot of great exclusives for sure on the switch.

    1. Thanks Austin, glad to be of some help, there are so many exclusives of the Switch and even more to come, you are definitely right about that

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