Nintendo Switch Amazon – Is this the best place to buy the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Amazon – Is this the best place to buy the Nintendo Switch

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I have written a few articles about the Nintendo Switch is this the first console from the Gamecube, PS2 and X box era that has me playing video games again. With Amazon a big seller for all items, persons must me wondering if Amazon really the best place to buy the Nintendo Switch. So we are going to dive straight into this and look into the Nintendo Switch Amazon connection.

Where can I buy the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch can be purchased many places, with most retailers having a brick and mortar location and an online store, getting a Nintendo Switch is as easy as walking outside of your house. However, in the early days of the Switch’s release this was not possible has the Switch was selling like hot cakes and there were shortages of the system for months upon months. Here are a few places you can purchase the Nintendo Switch other than Amazon and eBay, all the stores listed below has a brick and mortar store and there maybe a location near you.

These are the most common places where the Nintendo switch can be purchased. The Switch has sold well over 20 million units and Amazon has all been the retailer to sell a significant amount of these

Benefits of Buying the Nintendo Switch online vs in store

Buying the Nintendo Switch in store requires you to go to your local shop, trouble a sales person to open the locked cases and retrieve a Nintendo Switch, then wait on the line and pay. Online requires you to do none of these but requires you to wait for delivery but the perk is it is delivered. This scenarios may be liked buy some and hated buy others. Some may prefer in store purchases because they want to feel what they are purchasing and the return process appears to be easier and you deal with a person. Whereas online you have to wait for the item to be delivered and inspect upon delivery. More often packages are not damaged the online return process is not so cumbersome to prevent you from returning a $300 item. Here is an example of a random area code where there is a difference in total price when buying online vs in store.

In Store

Nintendo Switch walmart


nintendo switch walmart

The reason for this difference maybe attributed to holding fees, as this is held for you for 7 days and may actually not be this price in store. However sometimes in is higher in store where this is held online or one just walks in a makes a purchase.

Factors affecting the final price you pay

The two main factors we will talk about today are sales tax and delivery charges. In the United States each state has its own tax laws and only a few states do not pay sales tax such as Anchorage. Therefore, if you live there and order an item online or in store, you sales tax will be zero. When it comes to delivery knowing whether you get a bargain is easy to determine, mainly because the price of a brand new Switch is fixed so any additional price you pay when ordering online if not tax would be delivery charges. Many online retailers have free two day shipping, so this means if you are in a state which does not pay tax and you have free two day shipping your final price for the Nintendo Switch should be $300. So let us run a few tests.

Should I chose Amazon

If I purchase a Nintendo Switch today on Amazon with a shipping address in Miami my final price will be as follows:

Nintendo Switch AmazonWith free shipping the total price is $319.93, another note is that free shipping comes with amazon prime, but Amazon prime comes with other benefits and not just free shipping, so it is hard to put an exact price on what is being paid for free shipping. Note that monthly amazon prime is $12.99 and is in under $100 is paid yearly. How ever standard free shipping is 4-5 business days at no extra cost, meaning Amazon Prime is not needed.

See amazon shipping rates below for reference
Nintendo Switch Amazon
Nintendo Switch walmart

The price for the Nintendo Switch at Walmart is exact the same as Amazon, however 2 day shipping does not come at any cost.

Nintendo Switch bestbuy

Total price at BestBuy is $320.99 which is over $1 more that Amazon and Walmart. BestBuy also comes with free 2 day shipping at not extra cost.


Nintendo Switch target

The Price at target is also over $1 more at $320.99, and also has 2 day shipping at no extra cost.

Nintendo Switch Gamestop

GameStop’s price comes in at $320.99 but does not have a free two day shipping option like Walmart, Target and Bestbuy. See below for shipping details:
nintendo Switch gamstop

Conclusion, yes buying on Amazon is perfectly fine especially if you are already a prime member, both Walmart and Amazon give the cheapest price in the above scenario. Note buying from other stores is not bad as in another area code although few another online store maybe cheaper.

Where did I buy it

I myself bought the Nintendo Switch in store as I was so excited I wanted it immediately and did not want to wait 2 days. However, almost every physical copy of a game I own and accessories were purchased from amazon. So I understand the appeal of online and in store. I even understand the appeal of using other online retailers.


The takeaways from this are buying online sometimes ends up being cheaper than buying in store especially when free shipping is available. Also ensure that you are aware of the taxes and shipping you are paying as these may be a better deal elsewhere. Not all stores of free two day shipping, this comes with Target, Walmart and BestBuy and also Amazon if you have Amazon Prime.

Hope this article helps, look forward to everyone’s feedback

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Amazon – Is this the best place to buy the Nintendo Switch

  1. I’d always buy electronics in store because I’ll give your readers a huge warning as to why: I worked for an e-commerce company once during the Holiday season and when loading, palletizing, and unloading product a lot of employees will throw things and can damage the product.

    However, some people might live far out in rural areas where e-commerce might be more convenient but if there’s an option, I’d always choose the store.

    1. Thank for sharing your experience. I am just wondering if the unloading scenario could happen at the store as well. But you are right it is a risk.

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