Nintendo Switch Accessories – Before You Buy

Nintendo Switch Accessories – Before You Buy

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As we know the Nintendo Switch is a versatile piece of hardware and can be referred to as the Swiss army knife of gaming. However, to increase the experience the Nintendo Switch gives, although the experience maybe wonderful immediately, accessories does make it even more fun to own a Nintendo Switch. In this article we will go through why are accessories even necessary and my experience with accessories.

How do Accessories improve the experience

Accessories help personalize the experience given with the Nintendo Switch. Given that the system is both a home console and a handheld, it can be said that the system will be on your person quite often. Similar to personalizing your phone most may want to do the same thing for the Switch. From skins to screen protectors and cases, the switch as many accessories.


Due to the limited on board space of the Nintendo Switch (32 gigs) most Switch owners may want pt purchase a SD memory card. The Switch is compatible with all memory cards up to 2 gigs although they do not exist as yet. For the best experience ensure that the SD card purchase is an ultra SD card as this ensures proper write and read speeds.

Nintendo switch accessories

Some persons for opt to purchase games physically and would think they may not need a memory card, however some games although physical would still require part of the game to be downloaded before it is playable. An example of this would be Wolfenstien 2: New Colossus and the NBA 2K series. A few indie titles also release exclusively digital and space game be quickly taken up and the Switch would therefore require more space.

Another important thing note if not thinking of purchasing an SD card is that the available space on the Switch out of the box is 28-29 gigs due to the Switch’s operating system, let’s say you decide to purchase legend of zelda or super smash bros. Ultimate which has files sizes of 13 gigs and 14 gigs respectively these actually would not fit on the Switch as extra space is needed for game saves.

Controllers and Grips

The Nintendo Switch gives us so many ways to play, such as:

  • Single joycon
  • Pair of joycons
  • Pro controller (both original and third party)

The Nintendo Switch comes with a joycon grip, with fits the 2 joycons and acts as a traditional controller. Other than the original grip with comes with the system, a joycon charging grip can be purchased as well which as the name says always one to charge the joycons while they are in this grip. Many third parties also make joycons grips if one does not like the look or feel of the original grips.

Nintendo switch accessories

A single joycon maybe small to some and to rectify this third party companies has made single joycon grips, to not only increase the size but to ensure the feel of the controller is more traditional.

Pro controller exists for these gamers who do not like the feel of the joycons and also play the Switch in either table-top mode or docked mode. This is mentioned is a more traditional controller, however the price of these can be very hefty and there are many other alternatives from third party companies. Although some or most of these would not have all the features of the original pro controller.

The Nintendo Gamecube controller made another come back with the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. An original wired controller was released by Nintendo. This controller would need either an adapter or a wireless converter to connect to the Nintendo Switch. The Switch reads these controllers as pro controllers. A lot of third party companies has also made their versions of the Nintendo Gamecube controller both wired and wireless.

Nintendo switch accessories


Nintendo switch accessories

The Nintendo Switch is partly a handheld and this is one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories one could get right out the gate. There are many cases out there such as:

  • Closed cases
  • Cases with built in stands
  • Cases with joycon grips

Most cases should come with enough space to hold not only the Switch but games, headphones, maybe an extra pair of joycons. Closed cases are cases which fit the switch and either zips, Velcro or buttons to close. These can be very protective and cannot be used with the Switch concurrently.

Cases with built in stands help increases the table-top mode experience and can be used with the Switch concurrently. These are less common the closed cases.

Cases with joycon grips are use primarily for handheld mode and most users do not use the Switch any other way. This is so because the case goes around the switch and the joycons and give them an even more ergonomic grips. This makes the joycons and the switch one and would have to be removed if the joycons are to be taken off the Switch.

Skins, stands & screen protector

Other accessories include skins for the controllers, the joycons and even the Switch dock. Most person buy stands when they are using the Switch in table-top mode for a long period and the need to charge it. Due to the charging port of the Switch being on the bottom is it not possible to charge while using the kick stand.

Nintendo switch accessoriesNintendo switch accessoriesNintendo switch accessoriesScreen protectors also help to protect the Switch if used in handheld mode quite frequently and also of you do not own a case, these are relatively cheap and should probably be purchased as a precautionary measure. Although persons have complained that the Switch’s dock scratches the screen, I have personally never experienced this.

My Experience

Me experience with Nintendo Switch accessories has been great and I have not regretted any purchases, immediately upon buying a switch I got a screen protector, a case which covers the screen when not in use, can be used in table-top mode and also disguises the switch as a notebook. It is pretty cool.


From this we see that having Nintendo Switch accessories can be very fun and enhances the experience. As a summary most new buys or those who have existing switch may want to get the following:

  • Screen protector
  • Nintendo Switch case
  • SD card
  • Game card cases (if played handheld a lot)
  • joy con grips (if the joycons do not feel comfortable.

Hope this article helps, look forward to everyone’s feedback

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Accessories – Before You Buy

  1. Thanks for this great information! We just gave our daughter a Nintendo Switch for her birthday and she loves it! I didn’t really think about being able to get a screen protector or case for it, but that’s a great idea. The SD card will probably be necessary as well, as she plays more and adds games to it.
    We were shocked when we thought we would have to pay for a game she wanted for $30 in the store, but we were able to get it free online!
    People who buy this should try finding the games online first. This could save them a lot of money!
    Letting people know about these accessories is very helpful. Thanks again!

    1. No problem Devera, the Nintendo Switch is a very convenient piece of hardware and I think we should all maximize our experience with it. Glad you liked the article. Thanks.

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