How to Improve Nintendo Switch online Speed

How to Improve Nintendo Switch online Speed

How Too? Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Online Service maybe the cheapest out of the three major consoles but which the cheaper price comes with a few issues. One of the most frustrating being that of the lag or online speed. Due to the use of a P2P system instead of a dedicated server system like its competitors the online speed in at the mercy of the person with the worst internet in the lobby. Below are a few simple steps to improve  upload speed.

Step 1:

Turn on your Nintendo Switch and go into System Settings, once there go into internet and run a test connection. After this is done make a note of your NAT Type, upload speed and download speed.

Step 2:

Log into your router using your Gateway’s IP address – into the URL of your internet browser example: 198.168.###.###.

Step 3:

Locate the DMZ settings and enable it for your Switch’s IP or MAC address. The DMZ settings can be located under Network applications, security/firewall or mainly under the Port Forwarding menu. Ensure that it is enabled and save settings.

If the problem still persist you may have to set a static IP Address for your Switch. To do so see Steps below

Step 1: Look for LAN menu and find the DHCP Static IP Configuration. This may be located in a different menu depending on your router however the idea is to create a static IP address for the console so the router reserved that IP only for the Switch.

Step 2: Enter in the same IP address that you used for the Switch. There should be a drop down menu where you can just select it.

Step 3: May not be necessary but go into the internet settings for your Switch and input the IP address, the Gateway and the DNS manually. The subset mask should be

The DNS could be the same as your gateway or you could use Google’s as follows :

Step 4:

Increase the MTU to 1500 it will slightly increase the packets to and from the Switch boosting the connection a little.

Once Done this should increase the upload and download speed.

Final Step:

Repeat Step one, and compare upload and download speed, Ensure NAY type is “A”. An upload speed above 3 Mbs is good and a download speed 10 Mbs is good


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