Gaming is Not A Crime – Benefits of Gaming

Gaming is Not A Crime – Benefits of Gaming

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Gaming sometimes has a bad rep with certain persons, being touted as something for kids or a waste of time, I know that the title of this article may be a bit harsh but guys, gaming is not a crime. Get your gaming on and enjoy.

Gaming as a Sport

Some time in the mid 1900s persons thought that playing basketball was a waste of time, most persons who played it professionally also had a normal job and the sport barely brought money back then. Earlier than that I could imagine the stigma attached to the sport and all sports in general. This barely brought in any money and was a lot of work. Many people would think you are not a child anymore, get a serious job. Now athletes make millions, from their normal salaries and even endorsements. Which is my opinion is well-deserved because being an athlete is so tough.

One way to look at gaming would be to tackle the E sports aspect of it. That is a very competitive area of gaming where the best of the best compete. This takes a lot of practice and many hours almost to the point where the repetitiveness is no longer enjoyable. But similar to other forms of entertainment, this is for spectators and many come out to see competitors duke it out for a title and is the wrong? Absolutely not!, many people enjoy different forms of entertainment such as music shows, basketball, football, baseball and the ever growing E sports. There are so many popular games out there and this leaves and expansive list of games a spectator can choose to watch competitively.

Why be mad at a new and growing industry, these make the economy grow and thrive, gaming is a huge industry both casual and competitive, but the every growing E sports side of it, is a great thing to be embraced and will bring thing many have not seen or may not have ever seen if these tournaments did not exist.

Why do we think Gaming is Bad and is it Really?

People think this for various reasons, the one I hear quite a lot is that gaming is for children or maybe young adults, the older you get the higher the expectancy that you should have given up gaming and be told “this should be something that you should have grown out of”. Why should you though, what if it is your source of income via tournaments, YouTube channel, blogging or vlogging. Does one just quite their 9-5 because they can, I Don’t think so, persons wait till retirement age.

Another reason is that persons think it’s hard to crack into the industry, whereas musicians ans athletes make millions, not everyone who aspire to be those actually succeed. Now this maybe true but ask yourself would you have rather tried or not tried at all? Secondly do you think you can get by following you dream and be happy or do you need more. Those as a lot of tough questions. Whereas I agree it is very tough to get into the gaming industry, whether it is competitively through tournaments, content such as video or blogs, the thing is you never know unless you try. Sometimes one may end up giving up a dream which was something the could have succeeded at. But be cautionary as the road like any career is hard work.

Here is a scenario, someone wants to be a lawyer the got to school for 4 years then approximately 2 more to specialize. After this the get an entry job and work their way up probably making partner after 10-15 years. It should be noted that most people who take this path never become a partner or in other instances a district attorney, right out the gate the chances of this happening is very low. But persons are willing to invest about 6 years into their dream as well as most times huge student debt. Should I criticize someone else who devotes a few years honing their gaming craft and deciding to compete professionally. I simply cannot, everyone has their dreams and passions and that is some that should not be faulted.

Benefits of Gaming

There are many benefits to gaming, including gaming being a viable career option to make a stable income and survive. Most persons get to play games they love and although it is hard work becoming that skilled and the pressure is immense, some live for the moment and thrive in it.

Other than that it should be noted that the gaming industry is actually bigger than the movie industry. Yes really, but becoming an actor is a dream we can all get behind and support, although I must say not all support it because of how difficult it is to get into it. These things are not different in gaming. Whereas as the movie industry requires someone to find you and give you an opportunity, you can say is it slightly different in the gaming world. There are persons who have practiced at their homes and master games, joined tournaments with their money and won enough tournaments to make noise, get sponsored and have a steady income.

Other who love games, just blog or vlog about them, get subscribers and post content regularly, eventually selling merchandise and even getting to the point where companies are sending them games for free to review. Again, like every job this is a lot of work and takes a lot of commitment

Gaming also has many other benefits, remember there are different types of games, games come in educational form, and can help both children and adults. See article on do video games relive stress. Yes video games can be a stress reliever. As mentioned above, and just to keep a note of video games help the economy, as an economy needs spending and growing industries to survive and video games keep creating niche markets and big markets every so often

Why Gaming Should be Enjoyed and Embraced?

With all mentioned above I believe video games should be embraced and enjoyed, by those who play them competitively, those who play casually. Someone sitting on a train, waiting in a doctor’s office or at home can enjoy and benefit from gaming in many different ways.

A lot of persons childhoods have cherished memories of games they used to play whether by themselves or with friends. These same persons will by these games when a new version or even the same game 20-30 years later when the can afford it themselves. These persons would watch a movie created after these games and would buy products relating to these games. I am not only talking about collectors, but just fans in general. The benefit of that is that industries are being kept alive. Have you ever heard of the multiplier effect. If one act leads to many other beneficial acts. So a game is made 20 years ago, sells well and becomes a movie, then is watched be many, the movie industry then benefits, persons have jobs and then these persons have money to spend etc.

My Experience

My experience is simple, my experience playing games competitively is sitting on a couch playing with friends and taking turns. Those are my memories and they were very fun memories, and memories I will forever cherish. Games always help me past the time when I am bored and is a nice form of entertainment for me. Whether I play on a cell phone or a console, the experience is more often than not enjoyable.


Takeaways from this is simple, gaming is fun, it’s for everyone and should be embraced, gaming has many benefits and even if we can list a bunch of negatives, that should not be grounds for wishing the demise of gaming, because every single this in life has negatives or downsides.


Hope this article helps, look forward to everyone’s feedback

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