Gamecube Controller Adapters

Gamecube Controller Adapters

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The Nintendo Gamecube Controller Adapters adapter has become a popular item in the Super Smash Bros. scene and maybe one of the best ways to play the game.

Nintendo gamecube controller adapter switch

The Nintendo GameCube controller adapter for the Nintendo Switch has actually existed since the Nintendo WiiU days. It was created as the WiiU had no GameCube ports on wasn’t a necessity around the Nintendo Wii days because the Wii had four GameCube ports however since Super Smash Bros. is primarily played with a GameCube controller the adapter was created to bridge that Gap. With fans not ready to give up the GameCube controller being used to play Super Smash Bros. ultimate Nintendo obliged and gave the switch support of this. This however can be used to play many more games other than just Super Smash Brothers ultimate. The main downside however, is that the GameCube controller has no ZL button and therefore going in you will be one button short, if you are playing a game which is in desperate need of this button then it’s best to use another option controller wise. The adapter is standard across many brands and is almost unmistakable. There are special ones with stand out from the rest but a small black plastic which takes four GameCube controllers is the standard. Each brand me vary in terms of quality and lag but this is pretty consist across the board with a few brands being trusted more than others. The most popular bands currently are Mayflash, Y Team, Nyko and Iqiku. The Best special versions is made by Brook.

Why Do you need one

Currently Nintendo the Nintendo Gamecube controller adapter for the switch is needed primarily to play Super Smash Brothers ultimate. This enables for persons to play the game with a GameCube controller and utilizes the USB ports on the switch that can can only be used when docked. From the time of Super Smash Brothers Melee this controller has been beloved by many fans across the world and is being used 19 years later. This controller was literally built for this game and it shows and remains timeless to this day. Not to mention that this may also be the least laggy way to play this game. Simply put on the competitive scene this is used above anything else. Although, you do see a variety of controllers that are being used across both competitive players and casual players. This remains the most used one as it generates the least lag, allows for multiple players to connect and connect to any wired Nintendo Gamecube controller original or third party. Wireless controllers such as the Nintendo switches Pro Controller are also used by many players but does not come close to the use of a GameCube controller with a wired connection.

Do they cause lag

As mentioned above, yes these do lag, but vary a tiny bit across brands and give the best results in terms of having the least lag across most methods of playing on the switch, the table below illustrates this.

Are the Reasonably Priced

Prices vary from $7 USD to $43 USD, with the sweet spot in terms of price and quality being around the $15 mark. Short and sweet I think that is a great deal.


For the price, this is almost a necessity of you own Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Most versions are very durable and anyone who owned this when they owned a Nintendo WiiU can simply use that one on their Nintendo Switch without any hassle. This can also be used alongside wireless controllers seamlessly as it is to be known that Super Samsh Bros. Ultimate can connect up to eight (8) players


The main alternative would be the JoyCons which many including myself is not the best way to play the game especially competitively. A few friends having fun like it’s a fun random round of Mario Kart, then the Joycons would suffice. Another option would be the Nintendo Switch’s Pro controller, and is by far the most expensive option at the standard price of $69.99 USD for the black version, however the special Super Smash Bros. version goes for around $95 USD. Note that these prices are the standard prices and may differ based on sellers either price gouging, which occurs when a seller increases the prices of goods, services or commodities to a level much higher than is considered reasonable or fair. Usually, this event occurs after a demand or supply shock.

Another option is the 8Bitdo Gbros. Wireless Adapter for Nintendo Switch which works with Wired Gamecube & Classic Edition Controllers. This connects to the end of you Gamecube controller and allows in to connect wirelessly to the Nintendo Switch. The Pros of this is that a wired controller can now be used when the Switch is in handheld or tabletop mode, the downside being that compared to the adapter it only allows one Gamecube controller to be connected to the switch, i.e. is every Nintendo Gamecube controller would need it’s own 8Bitdo Gbros. Wireless Adapter for Nintendo Switch to connect to the Nintendo Switch. Another downfall being that this would result in a little more lag than any wired connection. However please note that the differing levels on lag in almost minuscule.

Other Ways this can be Used

This adapter as mentioned could have been used in the Nintendo WiiU but was very limited in the games you could play, the Nintendo Switch however allows you to use this is way more games. But did you know this can also be used to play on the PC. Follow the following steps to enable this:

1. Switch the adapter button to PC port

2. Plug USB into your PC

3. Check that the PC recognizes the adapter (Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers)

4. If the PC does not recognize the adapter then download zadig driver and retry the before steps

5. For PC platform games, for some games you may need set up the Nintendo Gamecube buttons. Due to the diversity PC games, it is not assured that every game is supported for the Gamecube Adapter and Gamecube Controller.

6. For the emulator on PC, you may need set up the button mapping relations with PC first on emulator and download the corresponding games.

Please note that this may not be compatible with every game or emulator as the adapter original design for Nintendo WiiU and Switch platform.


This is a must buy if you play Super Smash Bros. competitively or even if you play locally with a lot of friends. If your go to option is the Switch’s Pro controller then this may not fit into your repertoire. At the cost though having this handy does not hurt one bit. An original gamecube controller will fetch you around $60, whereas third party options range from the $25 mark when wired and double that when wireless.

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