Buy Video Games Online – Tips on Finding Good Deals

Buy Video Games Online – Tips on Finding Good Deals

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There are many places to buy video games online, it is very convenient but it can be very frustrating after you have purchased a game, console or video game accessory and you find out you could have gotten it at a cheaper price. There is no sure fire way to find the deals 100% of the time as some deals last minutes, hours or days. However it is good to cover your bases and investigate multiple online vendors to search out the good prices, especially around times where there no holiday sales.

Available Online Vendors

There are many places to buy video games online, here is a list in no particular order

1. Amazon

This is the largest e-commerce marketplace platform in the world as measured by revenue and market share. Amazon has separate retail websites for the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, India, Mexico, Singapore, Turkey. With Dutch, Polish, and Turkish language versions also available. Amazon also offers international shipping of some of its products to certain other countries.

2. Target

Target is the eighth-largest department store retailer in the United States. owns and oversees the company’s e-commerce initiatives and operates approximately 40 distribution centers across the United States.

3. Walmart

Walmart Inc. is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores. Walmart is the worlds’s largest company by revenue. Walmart’s operations are organized into four divisions: Walmart U.S., Walmart International, Sam’s Club and Global eCommerce. They offers various retail formats throughout these divisions, including supercenters, supermarkets, hypermarkets, warehouse clubs, cash-and-carry stores, home improvement, specialty electronics, restaurants, apparel stores, drugstores, convenience stores, and digital retail.

4. GameStop

GameStop is an American video game, consumer electronics, and wireless services retailer which satisfy the brick and mortar and eCommerce market. GameStop is divided into two operating segments: Video Game Brands and Technology Brands. Gamestop does Trade-ins, GameStop TV, MovieStop, GameStop Kids, GameTrust Games.

5. BestBuy

Best Buy is an American multinational consumer electronics retailer which has brick and mortar locations and ecommerce. Best Buy sells consumer electronics and a variety of related merchandise, including software, video games, music, mobile phones, digital cameras, car stereos and video cameras, in addition to home appliances

Buying Direct from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony

Alternatively most persons these days buying games should determine whether they are buying these games physically of digitally. Buying a game physically means it would have to be shipped to your address and you would have to wait a certain amount of time before you get the video game. This however does not apply to video game consoles or accessories. Buying Digitally means the games is downloaded onto your video game console or PC.

The gaming giants namely Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have online shops where games can be purchased digitally and downloaded, it may benefit you to check these if you are into digital games around certain events for certain deals. For example during FIFA world cup, the FIFA games are heavily discounted. This could apply to any sports games. There could be random sales at other times, so a frequent check up would not hurt. Remember digital codes can be purchases from Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Walmart and Gamestop as well, which always you to download the game onto you video game console or PC.

How to know if you are getting a good deal?

Newly released video games release at $60 USD. This applies to top tier or triple A games. I would first check the price of the games at many different websites to get a sense of the general price of the game and probably choose the lowest. However this would not apply to those that are not in a hurry to buy the game  but to those that can wait for a price drop, as you must ensure you first note what was the original price.

A lot of persons are happy paying full price as they would prefer to have the game now, remember most games or video game consoles do not get price drops close to their release date. However if it is months later and a $60 USD game is selling for $50 and other factors exists such as it is a popular game which is currently selling well, then this may be a good deal as the price may go back up.

For others anything lower than full price is a good deal, which is in fact true, there is no exact science to this, and it all depends how much you are willing to pay. Additionally once you understand the original price of the game and determine which site is selling it the lowest, wait for holidays or events for further discounts from the original price then you should be alright.

Please also be aware of persons selling items at higher prices than the original price, this is why it is good practice to check prices on multiple websites before a purchase.

My Experience

Amazon, Target, Best Buy and Walmart sell a plethora of items as well with GameStop specializing in video games, video game accessories. Items are usually sold within the same price range, but each online store has varying sales or exclusive items that the other would not have.

An example of this would be when I purchased Super Mario Odyssey. I purchased it on Amazon for $48, the price was the same on four of the above-mentioned sites but was $59 on one. I also purchased Resident Evil Revelations Collection, which was only available one 1 of these 5 websites.

More often than not if you are looking to buy video games, or video game accessories, these 5 sites may cover you, however also consider a the brick and mortar versions shops which may have other deals as well.


This is just a few things to consider when shopping online. An how you can research or where you can begin searching for video games accessories and anything video game related.

  • Always check all big retail e-commerce sites or brick and mortar locations near you for the best deal
  • Newly released games and video game consoles are usually not discounted close to release date
  • Check Nintendo e shop, Playstation Store, Xbox Marketplace and Steam frequently for deals, these are the gaming giants online shops.
  • Always check for deals around holidays, such as Labor day, Christmas etc.
  • Always check if there are deals around global or American events, such as world cup, tennis tournaments, Olympics etc.
  • Be aware that there are untrustworthy vendors who advertise certain deals which may be scams, I tend to stick to trusted e-commerce sites as mentioned above. Look for comments from other persons to help you determine if a website is trust worthy.
  • Prices of games tend to go down when a sequel is set to be released, an example would be a price drop in NBA 2K18 around summer as NBA 2K19 is set to be released.

Hope this article helps, look forward to everyone’s feedback




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